Sunday, 30 January 2011

Here begins another experiment

Blogs are no different to the notebooks I used to keep diaries in as a teenager.

I would be attracted to them in shops, paw their shiny covers, leaf longingly through their thick pages.  After brief internal struggles I would purchase them, against my better judgement, and take them home.  I would write in them daily for a week, then weekly for a month, then barely at all.  Finally, one of two things would happen.  Either I would see, and covet, another beautiful notebook, or an event so extraordinarily dreadful or wonderful would happen that I would be unable to write about it, but reluctant to continue writing after it as if it had never occurred.  So another mostly empty notebook would be consigned to the back of a drawer, to be cringed over and thrown away years later.

I've lost count of the number of blogs I've had.  I think this is the fourth, but that doesn't count all the pages, websites and forums that I've started and then left.  Two blogs were quite successful, and they were the ones with a particular purpose and timespan: one recording university life, and the other recording my pregnancy (see link to the right).  So, here begins another experiment.  Inspired by Netmums Real Parenting project, and by a few blogs and sites belonging to friends, this blog is solely for the purpose of blogging about motherhood and family life: not only recording our life as it happens, but also commenting on such subjects when they occur in the news or are under discussion in Netmums.

And, in order to persuade myself that this blog is not to be consigned to the back of an ethereal internet drawer, it's not going to go public until I have written at least five posts within the space of a month.  After that, I'll link to it in Twitter, give the address to friends and see what happens.

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