Monday, 17 November 2014

All that glitters

An Abigail moment I want to record before I forget it.

Abi often asks what inanimate objects are saying.  I'm not always sure what she's getting at.  Sometimes she wants to know their purpose, other times I think she is double checking that they really are inanimate objects and are not about to bite her or want a conversation.

At this time of year, she also likes looking through Christmas catalogues with me, which is why she found this glittery reindeer and asked me what it was saying.

As ever, I had to improvise, and guessed that it might be saying "Glitter, glitter, I'm so pretty!"

She fixed me with that Abigail-knows-the-answers-to-the-universe look.

"No, Mummy.  It saying "Glitter glitter, buy me if you got money!"

Good to know that she's got the hang of consumerism.