Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ten Unanswered Parenting Questions

Here are my top ten unanswered parenting questions at the moment.  I expect most of them are unanswerable, too, but I'll happily accept guesses left in the comments box...

1) Why do toddlers 'eat' pretend food (eg carrots) with relish when they wouldn't dream of touching it in real life?

2) What does "There a Christmas on the door to make music" mean?  The more words she learns, the less I understand what she's talking about!

3) What is the attraction of cold, muddy water with dead leaves floating in it?

4) Why do babies suddenly decide to stop falling asleep the way they've always done it, and try screaming instead?

5) What's so special about 4.30 in the morning that everyone has to be awake to see it?

6) Why do small children actually ask to watch 'Baby Jake', rather than running for the hills at the mere sound of the opening credits in order to avoid seeing the scariest demon baby in the world?

7) What's with the aversion to hats?

8) How do toddlers know which object in the room is the only one they're not allowed to touch?

9) Why do they make hollow bath toys with tiny holes so that there is no way of getting them dry?

10) When will I next wear matching socks and make-up?

Any more to add?


Pigwotflies said...

2. Is it a bell?

Enola said...

2. Cbeebies advent calendar where you open doors being advertised?

6. I rather like Baby Jake....I'm far more peturbed by those freakish In The Night Garden characters....

9. The secret oppression of mothers, that's why! Dads aren't bothered by that kind of thing but they (THEY!) know the psychological torment that sort of thing does to a mum...wears us down...*eye twitch*

10. Soon! Morning routine now incorporates bath after breakfast and in the bathroom I put my make up and clothes, if I'm quick I even get to brush my!

Alex said...

9. Plastics have to be heated up to be moulded. Air expands a lot when it is hot. If there weren't any tiny holes, the toys would crumple up when they were removed from the moulds and cooled down...

Anonymous said...

Why does my daughter not like wearing clothes ?