Monday, 1 July 2013


TheRev: Do you think Abi would like a Y,O,G,H,U,R,T?

Me: I don't know.  Abi, would you like a Y,O,G,H,U,R,T?

Abi: Yes please!

Me: (suspiciously) Do you know what a Y,O,G,H,U,R,T is?

Abi: A blue one?

Me: A blue one?!  (She doesn't know her colours, so this could mean anything) What do you do with a Y,O,G,H,U,R,T?

Abi: I put it in a pot and I paint it on the wall!

Heaven knows what she thought I was talking about...then again, her assessment of what she would do with it is probably not all that far from reality!

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AlexC said...

:D Bwahahaha!