Saturday, 13 December 2014

Abigail's Nativity

For this post, I would like to hand you over to my daughter, who is going to dictate the story of the nativity in her own words.

"The angel said: 'You're going to have a baby!' and then Mary was surprised and then the angel just went away and then Mary shouted 'Joseph Joseph, the angel said I'm going to have a baby in my tummy!'

And then Joseph said, 'Let's go to Bethlehem' but she said, 'No, it's a very long way away', but then they just goed and then the keeper...the inner...said, 'There's no more room!'  Then they found a baby, Jesus.  They found baby Jesus.  And then the wise men comed...

(Here, there was a brief pause in which I reminded her about the shepherds)

And then the angel said 'Don't be afraid, I got news for you' and then the shepherds went to find the baby and they got there and Mary said 'Look, the angel said I was going to have a baby in my tummy' and then the shepherds saw baby Jesus.

THEN the wise men comed.  And they brought applenut squash."

(Editor's note: I have no idea what applenut squash is, but it sounds delicious and suitably exotic.)

Pictured: the set of nativity puppets that we made to help tell the story, and a crib scene that Abigail made out of Sticklebricks.

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Mandy Johnson said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)