Thursday, 9 July 2015

A very handsome nose

Abigail draws a long line of little shapeless figures, and gives each of them a smile and one dot.  "That's you...and Aunty Madeleine...and Aunty Katy...and Aunty Lili..."
"Why do we all only have one eye?" I ask.
"The others are on the other side."
Then, just I'm marvelling that she's worked out perspective, she goes back along the line adding a second dot to each face.
"Oh, no, Abi!" - I'm cursing myself for interfering - "Don't put the other eyes in - you were quite right that they should be on the other side!"
She blinks at the drawing dispassionately.  "No, those are the noses."
Thank heaven.
"Aunty Madeleine​ has a very handsome nose," she says as she adds it.

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