Monday, 7 March 2011

Not Me Monday

Not Me Mondays are the brainchild of the marvelous MckMama, veteran Mummy blogger.

This week I did NOT agree to perform two completely different programmes and two different schools, one the day after the other.  The second of these schools was NOT in Greenwich.  This did NOT result in my having to learn and perform nine stories over 48 hours, and one of the stories did NOT involve arranging a giant tangram seven different ways, which I did NOT also have to learn.  That was NOT me at Diss station at eight o’clock in the evening, clutching a giant tangram and an A2 sized magic notebook and discovering that my card didn’t work in the machine on the platform.  That was definitely NOT me getting on the train anyway and praying that it would work in the ticket collector’s machine and that I wouldn’t get fined.  And if you think you saw me the following day, haring through Liverpool Street Station trying to get on a train that left ten minutes ago, and then having to double my travel costs by updating my ticket to a peak fare, you didn’t.  It WASN’T ME.

I did NOT end up having to ask my mother to come from London to look after Abigail while I went to London to tell stories, due to sheer bad planning.  I did NOT also have to ask my husband to look after her on his work morning and take her to the childminder while I told stories.  I am much more organised than that.  So I did NOT have basically no contact with my daughter for two days, and I was NOT so exhausted upon returning that I continued to let The Rev do mornings and bedtimes for a few more days.  I was NOT only made aware of how few bedtimes I've done recently when I found that I didn't know which sleeping bag Abigail was using while packing to go away for The Rev's day off.

What have you all NOT been doing this week?


Anonymous said...

That..that is just classic lol
- Paul

Anonymous said...

Tell more about the tangrams! You've alluded to them twice now!

As to me -- I did not spend 13 hours out of the house yesterday. I did not struggle to get up for signing on and driving lesson and I didn't faff the afternoon away.

A(me) said...

The tangrams are part of a Japanese story about a stonecutter called Yamamoto. It's one of those folktales that has lots of different versions, so you'll probably recognise the shape of it. Basically, a mountain spirit grants him lots of wishes, and he wishes to become something more powerful each time, but his wishes eventually lead him to becoming a stone - and then a stonecutter arrives and starts chipping away at you can guess his final wish!
The way we tell it uses a giant tangram which is rearranged with each wish to take on the shape of the thing Yamamoto turns into. It's great fun to tell; the children start to 'get' it at different rates and it's fun watching as the lights go on across the audience. I tend to get faster and faster with each refrain, too. Well, I do provided I've rehearsed the tangrams enough :P

SMH said...

Sounds like a Dr Seuss book!!