Monday, 21 March 2011

Not Me Monday

Not Me Mondays are the brainchild of the marvelous MckMama, veteran Mummy blogger.

Ummm...I did NOT completely forget Not Me Monday last week, did I?

Well, over the last two weeks then...

I did NOT attempt to babyproof the kitchen cupboards with the cunning use of elastic bands looping the handles together.  I did NOT fail to point this out to The Rev, who does NOT still have visible bruising on his thumb from where the elastic band snapped.  I did NOT subsequently buy some real cupboard locks, which are NOT still sitting uninstalled on the kitchen counter.

I did NOT buy Abigail yet another pair of baby shoes without her actually being there in the shop with me, just because they were pretty.  They were NOT too small, again.  I do NOT have absolutely no idea what size her feet actually are.  I am NOT putting off having them measured until she starts walking on them, for fear of being coerced into buying unnecessary shoes like the 'crawlers' which are constantly being advertised in my email inbox.

I did NOT resort to Heinz toddler food after another week of Abigail's refusing to eat anything I cooked.  She did NOT eat every last spoonful of it, smacking her lips.  I am NOT seriously considering just feeding her on it until she is no longer a toddler.  I do NOT want to cause injury to health visitors for their insistence that a baby won't do this if you never feed them jar food.  It's not true, people.  They just like the jar food better whether they are used to it or not.

And in non-baby related news, I did NOT take on very enjoyable storytelling job that involved my hiding in bushes and lying down in the mud in a nature reserve for a whole morning, and I do NOT consequently have the worst cold in the history of ever.

What have you all NOT been doing this week?


Buky Alakija said...

Jar food?? I can't get Baba to eat that stuff at all...I really sincerely wish I could because I am so certain its more nutritious than what I come up with...but really though...if I bring jar food near him he spits it out in disgust ....Now he's big enough if I give him jar food, he gives me his my mother is a bit daft stare and then takes the spoon and tries to feed me the jar food - he literally does - like you like it you eat not me Monday...I did not add a bit of seasoning to Baba's food because he just prefers food he can taste...and I just cannot blame him ...if i give him the tasteless stuff he wont eat it but I know he will wolf it all down and ask for seconds when it actually tastes good....sigh

Carmen O. said...

Hilarious, Amy! Lying on the ground in mud! I can just see it! My kids wouldn't touch jar food, so unfortunately, I can't relate on that one.