Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas loading. Please wait...

Everything is ready to be done, but absolutely nothing is done, and it's driving me insane.

100 blank cards are sitting on my kitchen table, waiting for me to have enough time to do finger painting with Abi (who will likely manage three of them before she wants to get down and do something else).

A bag of Christmas cake ingredients is sitting in my baking cupboard, waiting for me to soak the fruit in brandy overnight.

A drawer full of wooden cotton reels and acrylic paint is waiting for me to decorate the reels as part of Abi's stocking present.

Bags full of presents that have been ordered from the internet are now sitting upstairs, still in their postage packaging, waiting to be unpacked, wrapped, labelled and re-sent.

See what I mean? Everything ready to be done, but nothing actually finished.

So what have I been doing instead?

Well, I've been ringing handbells at Victorian Christmas fairs. I've been telling Christmas stories to children at late night shopping events. Today, my right arm is sporting a beautiful ukulele bruise from playing "A Band Of Angels" five times, in five different schools, while wearing a tinsel halo.

Basically, I've been far too festive to actually achieve anything Christmas-related. Except this:

This is actually an unfinished project from last year, poor Thomas had to use it and then give it back to be finished! I'm rather proud of it now, although I have to wonder whether that snowman is really a snowman, or a clown juggling stars. He doesn't seem sure.

So, LAST Christmas is finally sorted. Now for this one!

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