Sunday, 4 December 2011

On our Jesse tree yesterday - and today...

Yup, that's me, behind already. I had a feeling this wouldn't last long!

The rainbow was yesterday's: the verse from Romans is "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life". And today we have the funny little tent thing hanging in the background, with the verses Genesis 12:1-7, the call of Abram. So Noah and Abram: two men who were told to drop everything and do something completely absurd instead.

Speaking of which, today's puppet extravaganza went very well indeed, and I now have dreams of a children's puppet team that perform silly songs with random props at regular intervals.

Mary and Joseph made it across the gully between the windowsill and the chest of drawers, and are now regarding the hazardous passage across the top of the chest with trepidation: to their right, a steep tumble into The Rev's sock drawer, never to be heard of again.

In Abigail's crib, the animals have been arranged with pleasing symmetry so far by Abigail herself. I wonder what she'll do as it gets more crowded.

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