Thursday, 9 August 2012

I'm back!

Hello!  I'm back!

I know, I know; you're all used to my sudden long breaks and feeble excuses.  But this time, my absence has been less of a mistake and more like a planned sabbatical from blogging.  It's just that I didn't give any warning that I was about to disappear.

Bear with me.  First of all, you see, I started writing for another blog.  Treacherous behaviour, I know!  But in fact, writing for Four Mums (as a fourth mum called Organised Madness) has been excellent practice, not only for tackling meatier parenting-related subjects, but also for having to produce a piece of writing every single week.  The Four Mums are currently on their own sabbatical, having all added new babies to their broods since the beginning of 2012, but we do plan to be back very soon!

Secondly, of course, I had a baby.  Well, I was expecting for that to happen, and I did realise that blogging would probably not take priority in the haze of what they call the Fourth Trimester. Jeremy is now nearly three months old, and producing a reasonably regular blog is beginning to look a little bit more realistic (can you hear a tentative note to my voice there?!)

Thirdly, here we are about to move into a new phase of life: a family of four, soon no longer to be the family of a vicar-in-training, but of a real live Rector, in a real live rectory.  We've even got the keys!

Regular readers will know that I refer to the phenomenon of abandoned journals that used to occur frequently when I was a teenager.  The combination of an addiction to crisp empty notebooks and an inability to write about any momentous events meant that I had a pile of diaries - and, later, blogs - that all finished just before something really important happened.  Well, I'm not going to do that this time.  I toyed with it.  The temptation of a new blog title, reflecting a slightly different purpose and background to my musings, was very great.  But I must have grown up.  I shall allow myself to play with the format and photographs here, and then carry on blogging as The Rev's Family and see if I can keep our story going in the same place for once.

Please join me!


Rachael said...

Yay, welcome back!
Am now reading through Four Mums.


Pigwotflies said...


I'm glad you're back.

(How are you supposed to type the two words in the captcha when the first one appears to be a picture of some buildings? Weird. I guess I'm about to find out.)