Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Day

Abigail's never been very sure about snow before, and this is the first year she's really participated.  Even so, it took several days of snow before she was willing to stay out in it, walk on it, and touch it.  

It may have been the fact that she was finally enjoying herself in the chilly white stuff, or it may have to do with the fact that, every night since before Christmas, she has drifted off to sleep listening to The Snowman on CD; but my suggestion of building a snowman was met with great enthusiasm from Abigail, who brought large armfuls of snow and patted them onto the mound.  She soon had the hang of it.

Then Mummy's imagination began to get a bit carried away.

 What's it going to be?
 "What's this stuff?  Snow, you say?  Doesn't taste of much.  Bit cold.  What are you doing, Mummy?  Is it dinner time yet?"

Snow me snow me...


This is not a conventional snowman, Mummy.  Not like the one in the film.

But I like it.

After that, I showed Abigail what a snow angel was and that was it, she didn't want to come indoors!  She plastered herself all over the remaining fresh snow, making oddly wingless snow angels.  The problem was that she was flapping her arms on the vertical plane in the air, rather than horizontally on the ground.  It was hilarious to watch.

When she finally came in, sopping wet, there was a log fire courtesy of TheRev's freshly chopped logs, and a chicken and leek pie courtesy of Sainsbury's frozen pastry.

Best day.

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