Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Mummy Reports 3

My Mummy has now been my Mummy for seven and a half and a bit months.  It's time I updated my ratings of her performance as a Mummy.

Availability: 5/10
Mummy is beginning to learn that it's no good trying to leave me anywhere by myself for very long; I can lean and reach things quite far away now, and if she wanders off, all I have to do is grab something small and bring it to my mouth and she races back again.  I am working on being able to crawl so that I can chase her, but by then I might have her so well trained that I won't need to.  She is spending quite a lot of money on wraps to carry me on her back, all in different pretty colours.  Although this is silly behaviour (I really don't mind what the thing looks like!) I encourage it because the more expensive the wrap, the longer she will have to use it in order to get away without a guilty conscience.  Her newest one should keep us going for at least another year.

Food: 8/10
At last, Mummy let me eat what she eats!  She gave me my first food about two months ago.  I can eat anything now, so long as it is not so small and pesky that I can't get hold of it.  I never realised that food could be so much fun!  Everybody else is so boring when it comes to eating!  I like to rub mine into my hair, see how much of it I can hide under my chin, drop pieces inside my babygrow to save for later (especially fun in those onesies with feet) and use it to paint the kitchen alternative colours.
I have to say, though, that Mummy does not quite reach full marks on this one, because I have noticed that what she serves has become quite samey.  I'm sure she has repeated several meals more than once, and she seems to show a dislike for anything sticky or brightly coloured.  Odd, because those foods would be the most fun to play with.

Physical Care: 3/10
I still have no clothes.  Sometimes Mummy leaves me in a sleepsuit all day - it's not dignified.  I've also spotted her putting me in outgrown stuff from my sister.  Someone needs to let her know that's not on.  I don't care if Abigail did wear a lot of blue; if it has puff sleeves, it's not for boys!

Environment: 7/10
We've been getting out and about a bit recently.  I like that - different things to look at. We visited Nanou and Papy, so I had a whole new house to explore.  Can't say they let me explore it much.  Can't say I agree with Nanou that knitting needles make bad teethers. For a while I thought Mummy had really got the hang of improving things at home, because she brought in an enormous tree and covered it in flashy lights, but then only a few weeks later she took it away again.  Odd.

Entertainment Value: 10/10
I live in a family of stand-up comedians, but Mummy is the funniest.  You should see her doing the Groovy Moves from Show Me Show Me when she thinks no-one's watching.

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Jo G said...

Groovy moves is often my main form of exercise!