Wednesday, 21 May 2014

20 Reasons Jeremy Couldn't Sleep

Tonight I missed housegroup, one of my only sources of adult conversation, because Jeremy wouldn't go to sleep.  Here are the reasons why, in his own words:

Reasons 1-10: Losta bankit, Mummy!  ('Lost' wasn't entirely accurate, though, as he was flinging it over the side of the cot).

Reason 11: Bag gone. (Yes, he had somehow managed to remove his sleeping bag and was standing up with it around his ankles.)

Reason 12: Wockin chair peeease.  (So we rocked for a bit)

Reason 13: Help!  (He had tried to remove the bag again, but got stuck with one foot through an arm hole having not succeeded in undoing the poppers)

Reason 14: Abi!  Want a Abi! (Abi has gone to sleep, why don't you go there too and find her?)

Reason 15: Losta bankit.

Reason 16: Wockin chair 'gain.

Reason 17: Brief tickle fight. (The only alternative to throwing him out of the window.)

Reason 18: Singa song Mummy.

Reason 19: Not at song.  Nother song.

Reason 20:  No 'leep.

Finally got downstairs to make myself my first cup of tea of the day.  Kettle boiled just as housegroup finished.

Cheesed off.


RanDom said...

Dear Jeremy,
Give praise from the highest mountain,
and in the lowest crease of every valley
- and know that you are loved so much, your Mum by far leading the pack in every way.
You are so blessed.
Now, sleep well tonight and wake when you and all around you are well rested.
God bless, RanDOM

Rachael said...

I love "Abi has gone to sleep, why don't you go there too and find her?"