Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Tabs

I have found myself referring so often to my birth story and breastfeeding journey on forums, that I've come to the conclusion it's simpler to post them here as permanent pages.  That way, I can refer to them with a link instead of rewriting a whole explanation each time.

So, if you are interested (and not overly squeamish) feel free to clicky on the tabs above.

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Enola said...

I LOVED reading your stories. You made me laugh aloud about them not allowing gas and air during pushing - if you find my birth story on TBJ you'll see I felt exactly the same way about that! Same with the usless TENS sticky pads too (mine kept falling into the toilet...nice!).
I cried lots at your stories, too. I hope your beautiful little lady realises how much her mummy went through to give her the best possible beginning *big hugs* Really looking forward to seeing you all very soon! xx