Monday, 7 February 2011

Not Me! Monday

Not Me Mondays are the brainchild of the marvellous MckMama, veteran Mummy blogger.

This week I have NOT been fighting a constant losing battle with Abigail over food.  I did NOT resort to spreading vegetable pasta sauce onto oatcakes so that she would eat it.  I have NOT just finished a telephone conversation with The Rev, who was NOT despairing because Abigail hadn't eaten all day and was now making him late by not eating.  I have NOT spent lots of money on things called 'Breakfast Biscuits' and I have NOT kidded myself that they must be a perfectly healthy alternative to cereal.  I do NOT EVER succumb to that kind of blatant advertising.

Also this week I have NOT mentally broken several times when Abigail tried to crawl off the changing table or bed while I was changing her.  I did NOT literally throw her at her sleeping father and tell him to "put his daughter's trousers on" on one of these occasions.  And I did NOT leave her bare-legged for most of an afternoon because I didn't have the strength to put the trousers on AGAIN.  I did NOT turn the heating up so that I could do this without feeling guilty.


What have you all NOT been doing this week?

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Rachel said...

Love it....have NOT done so many things this week/month...loving the blogs Amy x x