Friday, 11 February 2011

Notes To Self

For future reference:

  • When you are planning a 2 hour train journey with a one year old, pack plenty of toys and amusements, however many bags you already have to carry.
  • When choosing a seat, do not select one next to somebody who is reading a newspaper.
  • When the baby attempts to steal the newspaper, do not use a pot of vegetable crisps to distract her.  They can make a real mess of newspaper-lady's trousers when shaken hard enough.
  • When newspaper lady finally departs, do NOT pass the newspaper she leaves on her seat to the baby, even if she is really screaming for it.

  • If you do make all the above mistakes, remember to apologise profusely to your fellow passengers as you all scrunch and crunch your way out of the train.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

This is great - really made me laugh - apart from that funny prayer which, for some reason, made me cry a little. x