Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Firsts

A little while ago, in one of those random, slightly winey evening conversations, somebody asked me to think of one thing that I had done for the very first time that day. At first I scoffed at the idea that I would have done anything new on a perfectly ordinary day, but after a few suggestions I surprised myself by being able to think of quite a few first-time things – not huge events, mind, but still genuine first times.

The conversation has inspired this brand-new 'meme' of Friday Firsts. Each week I will try to think of some things that I have done or experienced for the very first time that week. If you are a blogger and want to join in, just leave a link to your own Friday Firsts in the comments here, and don't forget to put a link to this blog in your entry!

So, this week was the first time I've ever....

  • Honked somebody else's car. I'm normally a nervous and fairly bad driver who wouldn't dream of judging anyone else's driving, let alone take my hands off the wheel for long enough to let them know about it. But on this occasion I was on home territory – my own road in fact – so felt entirely justified in honking the dangerous idiot who decided to overtake me when I was already doing just over 30mph in the 30 zone, and then speed off into the distance so that he was out of sight by the time I'd reached the corner.
  • Played (rather than just singing) a duet with The Rev, who is learning the guitar. We worked out guitar and ukulele parts for Dinah Washington and Brook Benton's 'You Got What It Takes' and learnt it. It was fun. The ukulele part scrambles my brain, though, so we're not quite at performance stage yet – I can't seem to play it and sing at the same time!
  • Performed in the rather scatological Dragon song from A Little Bird Told Me, the show that my very talented business partner is currently touring while I'm doing this stay-at-home mum thing. He kindly let me join in with the song at our business birthday party – four years! - and it was a laugh. I am now doubly jealous of the people who get to do it over and over again in theatres all over the country.

So, what have you all done for the first time this week?


Mallen Baker said...

This week I air-kissed a top chief executive and said 'darling, you were marvellous'. I'd never done that before - and don't propose to ever again. Getting the audience to do that was the genius idea of some self-styled dynamic inspirational speaker - I just happened to have some pretty senior (and sober) people on my table. Awkwardness all round.

From the save event, I can also say that I sang in the Royal Albert Hall for the first time. The fact that over a thousand other people were all singing at the same time shouldn't detract from the fact, surely.

mumsarcade said...

If you look up SimplyLinked on Google, you can make this better by allowing people to link up so that you have a list of blog posts from different blogs featured on yours. Hope that helps.

A(me) said...

Hi there, mumsarcade,

Sooo...I did as you suggested and now I have a widgetty thing on this page...I'll be honest and admit that I have absolutely no idea what it does...perhaps you could use it and demonstrate?!

Thanks for the tip!


DNA002 said...

I went to a Karaoke evening - after-hours at a Chinese restaurant. Not at all what I was expecting, as far less civilised, over amplified, with ghastly 80s visuals in the style of a travelogue. People with slightly too much hair strolling on beaches, through different capital cities, etc... Dark cellar / red velvet decor, rather like I imagine a brothel to look like. Saying goodbye to a seemingly strait-laced science teacher colleague, who turns out to be the dirtiest dancer ever. It's always the quiet ones, as they say. The songs on offer were really grim. 'We are sailing', 'Massachusetts'...on second thoughts, I think it was all a bad dream.