Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Firsts

This week's Friday Firsts are nice and easy!

This week was the first time I ever told stories to two cameras instead of an audience. So it involved all sorts of new experiences, including...

- spending hours in a room with five other people, without EVER looking any of them in the eye
- watching Chip's hilarious stories without ever once laughing (or smiling, or twitching, or coughing or sniffing, or joining in with any of the actions!)
- having to start a story again because my stomach rumbled
- having to start a story again because the cameraman's stomach rumbled
- watching (and smelling) a fly cremate itself on a massive halogen lamp
- allowing a man I'd only just met to powder my nose for me (I know that sounds rather dodgy, but it really did just involve powder...)

Next week is going to be very boring by comparison...

What did you all do for the first time this week?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Submitted a job application 11 days before the deadline!

Normal service was resumed today though when I submitted on the deadline, though to be fair I only saw the job today.