Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Not Me "Monday"

Today is NOT really Tuesday.

I was NOT doing my headless chicken act far too much yesterday to write a Not Me Monday post on the right day.

This week, I did NOT send The Rev to London to collect lots of furniture from my parents, who are moving to France. He did NOT arrive back with a van full of things, some of which were more unexpected than others, and not all of which were furniture. I did NOT have nowhere to put anything. I did NOT unpack it all with a rising sense of panic, and I did NOT have a fit of hysterical laughter over a chrome toothbrush holder. I do NOT currently have a double bed in my front hall because it needs to be taken apart before it will fit up the stairs. Abigail and I did NOT bounce on the mattress this morning.

Also this week, I did NOT take Abigail to the summer songs of praise service, even though it started at her usual suppertime and finished well beyond her usual bedtime. I did NOT achieve a quiet baby in each of the readings by repeatedly offering her a packet of blueberries. She did NOT decide she liked blueberries and eat every single one, and she did NOT produce a purple nappy as a result.

Oh yes, and when we left Abigail with some friends overnight so that we could go to the theatre and have a late night out, I did NOT leave my housekey in my car parked outside their house and so did NOT add twenty minutes to our homeward journey by having to go and collect it. I did NOT realise this just as we were pulling up to our front door. IT WASN'T ME!

What have you all not been doing this week?

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